May 31 2020

The End Of School

Friday was the last day of school and our daughter’s school had a car parade for international day. Our daughter’s class country was Italy. We drove around the school and waved goodbye to her teachers from this school year. My wife took off from work so she could go to the event and we all had a wonderful time.

After that we went to a Japanese restaurant and we got to eat inside and got waited on. Few places are doing the full-service thing. It’s still mostly still takeout. But we did enjoy being waited on.

Well that’s all for now. Below you can see how my wife decorated our car for the parade.

God is good!

May 23 2020

Day Trip To Mississippi

The wife and I went to Mississippi today and we were able to eat in a restaurant. We went to Chicken Salad Chick and it was nice to be able to eat inside a restaurant. We can do that in Louisiana too, but it’s still limited.

I’ve been going out more too. I’ve been to Sam’s, Walmart, and Target in the past few days. I tried to go to Best Buy in Mississippi, but it was by appointment only. I just wanted to look around.

Well that is all for now.

God is good!

May 16 2020

Phase One

Well Louisiana is now in phase one in the reopening. I look forward to eating inside of a restaurant. Last weekend we went out to eat on Saturday with my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. We went to a good seafood place and we ate outside because we were not allowed inside. Starting yesterday you can eat inside a restaurant, but they can only have 25% compacity.

Just two weeks in the schoolyear left. It is still a struggle to get our daughter to do her schoolwork. I really hope schools will be able to open in August. She learns so much more in school than at home. I know she will be happy to see her friends again in school.

Well that is all for now.

God is good!

May 9 2020

Another Week Of Lockdown

Well that is another week of lockdown done. Now we wait to see when Louisiana will start letting more places open. We wanted to go out to eat yesterday but it rained and right now they are only letting people eat outside of a restaurant. So, we will try again today.

Churches are now allowed to have outside masses. And our parish even has indoor masses, but the weird part is you must make a reservation to go to mass. Which I find weird. But this is a new world and who knows if we will ever get back to normal.

That is all for now.

God is good!

May 2 2020

Lockdown Extended

Well the Louisiana Lockdown has been extended to at least May 15. But restaurants can have people dining on outside tables. Well, that is, except in New Orleans where it is still take out only.

It’s weird to see everyone going out in masks. I went to get blood drawn yesterday and every one that came in had a mask on of one kind or another. There was only a handful of people there, but it is still a strange sight to see.

Well that is all for now.

God is good!

April 24 2020

Will The Lockdown Be Extended?

We are waiting to hear from the governor to see if the lockdown will be extended into May. New Orleans has already extended the lockdown into May but that is not for the entire state. Some people think some other parishes will follow the lead of New Orleans in extending the lockdown. At this point I don’t see state opening up for business with the number of COVID-19 cases there are here. Especially with the amount of cases in the New Orleans Metro area.

Schooling our daughter is still hard. She did get some one on one time with her two teachers on Google Hangouts. I was so proud of her, talking in French to her teachers. It wasn’t supposed to be one on one but no other kids showed up.

Well not much else going on here.

God is good!

April 16 2020

Birthday In Lockdown

Well we are still in lockdown. My wife’s birthday was on Saturday and her parents and sister had Kermit Ruffins come out to our house and play “Happy Birthday” for her. It was great and it made her day a little better, not being able to see her parents and siblings. We got dinner from Sushi Express delivered to us. Thank you Uber Eats! And we had some cake and ice cream with my mother who lives just down the block from us.

We are still having trouble getting our daughter to do her school work. She wants a break and recess after everything she does. We are able to get a little work out of her. I just hope she is learning in this situation. And she won’t be going back to school this school year.

I still worry about us getting sick. My wife does all the shopping and she has been wearing her mask since she made them but I still worry that it won’t be enough to keep us from getting sick.

Well that’s all for now!
God is good!

Edit: I’ve embedded the Kermit Ruffins video!

April 6 2020

Still Stuck At Home

Well it has been over a week since my last post and in that time two things stand out to me. 1) The stay at home order has been extended to the end of April. 2) Now they recommend wearing a face cover when around other people. My wife made us some face covers. I went out today to get blood drawn but I forgot my face cover. I remembered on the way to my appointment but I did not have time to go back.

This has been harder on my wife and daughter. They always go out in the mornings on weekends but they can’t do that anymore. At first my daughter wanted to go play with her friends all the time but now she seems to be content having virtual play dates with her friends and seeing her neighborhood friends from across the street. Every now and then they go for a ride somewhere. They also take daily walks when my wife is on break from work. Today I went with them on both walks.

Well that is all for now.

I feel like including a picture today! So here is my daughter when she was painting a few days ago.

God is good!

Fun With Paint
March 29 2020

One Week Of Lockdown

Well that’s one week down and God only knows how long to go. We used Uber Eats this week for the first time. We used it a few times. We’ve been getting food from small restaurants because they are hurting. And to help out Uber Eats has no delivery fee for them. So it’s win-win.

My daughter is still not really wanting to do schoolwork. We are able to get her to do it but it’s with a lot of pauses. And now my wife signed her up for kids messenger on Facebook and all she wants to do is “FaceTime” her friends. And I fixed up my old laptop for her and she thinks it’s the greatest thing. So when she is not on “FaceTime” with her friends she is watching Disney Plus on the laptop. But she does do her schoolwork on the laptop, so that’s a plus.

Well that’s all for now!

God is good!