February 15 2006

Inside Repairs Still Not Finished

As unbelievable as it is the inside of the house is still not finished. The deal was for them to fix the ceiling, put down carpet, hang a fan, and hang two storm doors. Now let’s see what they really did: I can say the did a good job on the ceiling but that’s where it stops. They hung the fan but there is a space between the fan and ceiling and they also forgot to hook up the light fixture on the fan. They did put up one of the storm doors but the door has no handle does not close right. And as for the carpet… we got someone who knows what their doing to put that in. I guess I’ve waited this long…

February 2 2006

Repairs Begin Inside Our Home

Last night my neighbor, who is a contractor came over and quoted a price for the repairs. His price is for labor only…he is giving us most of the materials we need. About 45 minutes later three workers showed up to start the process. It was kind of late but then again as you can see (look at time stamp above) I am a night person.

Maybe I will be able to take some pictures and post some of them here.

God is Good!

January 4 2006

New Roof?

Our new roof magically appeared on our lawn yesterday. (This is the longest 7-10 days of my life…it feels closer to a month.) When a call was made to the roofer about when the work would begin he said, “what…there not there yet?” And they never showed up. My luck will be that they will show up here early in the morning. I just hope they show up today so finally something can be fixed!!!

God is Good!

Oh yea…Happy New Year!
Pictures from our New Years Eve Party are up at http://gallery.bienvenu.us/

December 28 2005

Belated Merry Christmas!!!

Well I want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We now have 4 tarps on our roof…one on top the other because before the fourth on was put on by the roofer when it would rain hard we would start getting water in the house.

Right before Christmas I went with a friend and my wife to see St. Bernard Parish (see pics here: http://gallery.bienvenu.us/ . It was bad but not the total devastation I expected. It could be that I watch the news all day and I have seen the worst
of the worst. Or I might just be numb to seeing the damage.

I hope our house is finished being fixed in the first few months of 2006. It is funny…I look forward to the day when I can walk into a carpeted living room look up and actually see a ceiling (we have trash bags as our temporary ceiling now). But I am glad to be able to live in the house.

There are a bunch of new pics up at http://gallery.bienvenu.us/ so stop by and take a look.

God Is Good!

December 10 2005

Katrina Ridge

“Katrina Ridge” is on display center court in Lakeside Mall. This display is taking the place of the “Winter Wonderland” that is usually displayed at Christmastime.

Shortly after this display was put up about 10 people complained about it. The mall ordered its creator to take down the blue tarps and debris. Then after the media picked it up over 5,000 people e-mailed the
mall demanding “Katrina Ridge” be restored. And so it was. We went and saw it yesterday and took pictures of it. I thought I would be the only idiot taking pictures of it but many people stopping by took pictures.

You can see all the pictures at: http://gallery.bienvenu.us/

December 7 2005

Good News!

We will be getting a new roof in the next 7-10 days. So our recovery is about to begin. FEMA came and inspected our house. They told us we are eligible for a trailer but we’ll just wait and see how that pans out. And our insurance should be sending us money soon. So finally the ball is rolling.

More updates soon!

God is good!

November 23 2005

Back To School

On Monday I registered for class (Spring 2006). I will once again be attending Delgado. School is kind of fun because all the work now is hands on…I am going for a degree in computer and electronics repair. Now I just have to figure out how I will get to and from school…oh well I’ll worry about that another day!

God is good!

November 14 2005

Quick Note

After some problems getting into his apartment our guest has left to go live in his own place and he may even be putting up one of his friends.

We still have a hole in our roof and ceiling and we are waiting to get estimates to repair that damage. We are also still waiting on our insurance company to pay up.

Just wanted to put a quick note up here just in case anybody in cyberspace reads this.

God is good!