November 19 2020

COVID-19 Strikes

Last week all three of us were tested for COVID-19. My wife and daughter, who had symptoms, came back positive. I was showing no symptoms and my test came back negative. So, I must quarantine for 14 days while my wife and daughter must only do it for 10 days. I must get retested if I start showing symptoms which to this day I have not. My daughter got better in a few days, but it is taking my wife longer to get over it. She is still coughing a bit and can’t taste or smell much at all.

I have been in close contact with both my wife and daughter but still have not developed any symptoms. I can’t figure out why. The doctors told me to keep my distance from them, but we don’t have a big house so it’s not possible. We are not drinking or eating after each other but that’s about it.

Because of my daughter’s positive test her whole school classroom must quarantine for 14 days. So, we are doing virtual school for two weeks. And I don’t think they will go back until after thanksgiving.

I will leave you with some pictures of our new puppy, Trixie.

God is good!

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