October 31 2020

A Dog and the Eye of a Hurricane

A week ago, we adopted a new dog. Her name is Trixie. She is very sweet and a handful. She loves playing with us and running. More on Trixie in another post.

We got a direct hit from hurricane Zeta. The eye passed over us. I’ve always wanted to experience the eye of a hurricane but never thought I would. It lasted only a few moments, but I was able to go outside. There were light winds blowing and not too long before this I am sure we had winds of over 100 miles per hour. It was also misting. And then all the sudden the winds and rain picked back up. And back to winds over 100 miles per hour.

Of course, we lost power. And a power pole not too far from us was almost on the ground. So, it might be a while before we have power and internet again. We do have some damage but it’s not that bad and I don’t even know if it’s worth making a claim on our insurance.

Right now, we are at my in-laws. They lost power but have a generator. And I am very thankful to have limited power and internet.

And still God is good!

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