January 8 2021

School at Home…Again

On my daughters first day back from Christmas break they made the decision to go back to school online. So, she went to school Monday and Tuesday and from then on it will be school on the internet until further notice.

Kids need to be in school. This virtual school is leaving many kids behind. The risk to children is much less then it is for older people. My daughter needs in person learning to make the most of her education. This is hard on single parents and homes where both parents are working, and it needs to be corrected ASAP.

My wife converted the biggest of our closets into an office. She painted it and gave it a good cleaning. And it looks great. She couldn’t work any longer in the bedroom. I put a LED daylight lightbulb in there, so it’s nice and bright. It’s not completely finished. She needs to put up some shelves and needs a smaller chair. But she is happy to have her own space and not be stuck in the bedroom all day. I’ll add a pic of her in the office below.

God is good!

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