September 4 2005

The Arch

Today we all went to The Arch In St. Louis. I learned something today: You can go to the top of the Arch in what they call the tram. The tram is an egg shaped car that seats five. On the way up I had to go alone because we could not get seats together. I think they made these cars for midgets because it is a tight squeeze fitting five adults in the car. Also there is no air conditioning…so it was hot! When we were at the top the whole time I was lightheaded. In order to look out of the windows you have to step up on a ledge and lean over. The first time I looked out I was actually looking strait down. I guess that is why I was lightheaded! I had a lot of fun today. It got my mind off all that is going on in New Orleans…that is a good thing.

God is good!

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