September 3 2005

Good Things Keep Happening

Today we met with one of my wife’s mothers friends here in St. Louis, they wanted to buy me shoes and clothes. I really did not want to let them spend money on me but they insisted. And I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. They also picked up the tab for my parents shoes after they were having problems using their Red Cross Debit Card. After we were finished and walking out the door the man and his wife who had just bought us so much asked if we could pray together. And so we did in front of the store. I still can not thank them enough for all they bought me. They even made me get a “Family Guy” t-shirt because when I saw it I smiled for the first time in a while.

Also in the past few days Jamie has gotten money from her uncle and grandparents. And we are very thankful for all their help.

God is truly good!

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