September 5 2005

Grant’s Farm and The Mills

Today we started out by going to Grant’s Farm which is sponsored by Anheuser-Busch. We got to see some of the Clydesdales and then took a tram tour of the farm. They have a small zoo there and as you walk in you can buy small bottles of milk and feed the goats. When they see you coming with milk they attack. While I was feeding one goat two others decided to try to eat my shorts!
The best part of was the booth where that give away Anheuser-Busch products. I had some kind of watermelon drink. I was very thirsty so I drank it fast. In hindsite that was not a good idea…not having eaten yet made it worse.

We went to The Mills of St. Louis to eat and shop and while I was there I noticed that the training camp for the St. Louis Blues (NHL) was located there. (That was the first place I went.) If I am still here training camp starts on the 15th and I will be there!

I will post a couple of pictures here but more are in the gallery:



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