September 27 2020

Neck Surgery

My surgery went well. The spinal cord in my neck was so compressed they had to take out one of my bones in my neck. The surgery took four hours. I was told it would take one and a half at first. I woke up around 4pm, I think. When I woke up, I asked if my surgery had happened yet! They informed me it was all over. The only think I remember was being in the surgery waiting area. Which was where I was when I woke up, so I was just a bit confused.

I had to wait to past 10pm to get in a room! However, I was able to watch the Stanley Cup Final (on my phone in recovery) and the Lightning won too. So, I was in pain but amused! But my wife had to leave the hospital without seeing me because visitors are kicked out at 8pm! But since she was able to get my phone to me, we were able to FaceTime.

I was in the hospital for two nights. Both nights I didn’t sleep much because I could not get comfortable. Every position I laid in or sat in my neck was hurting.

When I came home on Wednesday, I was able to sit in my chair get comfortable and sleep! I felt so much better being home. I still have pain off and on. And my neck is limited in motion, but I am glad to be home!

I’ll post a picture of my incision. I don’t think it’s too gross!

God is good!

Neck Surgery 2020

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