September 2 2005

First Entry

I was back at school for the first time in five years to get a degree from Delgado in computer repair and I had fun in my first week. But on Friday night all that changed. The hurricane that hit the tip of Florida and was supposed to go hit north Florida all of the sudden turned into a threat to the New Orleans area. I stayed up late that night so I could get the late night hurricane advisory and when I saw it I just got a bad feeling about this storm. I left a note instructing Jamie to gas up the car before heading to school because I thought we could be ordered to get out in the afternoon. As time went on the picture looked worse and worse for us. Around noon I want down to my fathers house and made reservations in Memphis, TN at a Motel 6 (because they take pets). At that time plans were to leave Sunday morning but it became clear that leaving sooner would be the wiser thing to do and so at about 9PM we left. We made it to Memphis after 4AM.

It is late and we are going to the St. Louis Red Cross later today.

There is a lot more to tell so check back!

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