January 29 2006

Weight Watchers

On Janurary 17th I joined Weight Watchers. In the first week I lost five pounds. But it was a hard week. I made drastic changes to the way I eat and drink. This second week has been easier but it is still hard to get used to the way Weight Watchers works. Let’s just say it is not your typical diet.

I hope I did well this week.
God is Good!’

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January 14 2006

Return To School Postponed…Again!

Last August I went back to school to get a degree in computer repair. About two weeks into the semester Hurricane Katrina hit. Now this semester has been scrubbed because of the pain I have been in. Lower back pain to be exact. I will soon be going into physical therapy and get an epidural shot. I also may have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome that might require surgery. I do look forward to returning to school in the fall.

Also with this post I have created a new category titled “My Life”. But this blog’s main focus will be the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how it is affecting my world.

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